Our Purpose

MiCGA's purpose is to maintain the long-term stability of charitable fundraising in Michigan through legislation, purposecollaboration, and education. We also strive to improve and streamline conditions for charities and other organizations engaged in this type of charitable fundraising.

MiCGA serves as a spokesperson for its members at the local, state, and federal level, and provides the membership with information on regulatory and legislative matters. We collaborate with legislators and the Charitable Gaming Division of the Michigan Lottery on legislation that impacts charitable gaming activities.

MiCGA educates the public and non-profit organizations engaged in charitable fundraising, helps charities better understand the qualification, application and licensing processes, and assists charities and room operators with mitigating issues that may arise.



Charitable Gaming In Michigan

Charities in Michigan earn approximately $17 million annually through charitable gaming fundraisers. This money is used to further their charitable mission, resulting in a wide variety of much needed services being provided to countless individuals.

Despite this, there are numerous organizations and individuals who are opposed to charities conducting these types of fundraisers. Reasons for this opposition vary. Some are opposed to gaming for moral and philosophical reasons, others are for-profit organizations competing for the gaming revenue.

This opposition is powerful, well connected and well funded. Opposition has been growing as more charities are making use of this opportunity.

Charities need to work together to counter this opposition. The Michigan Charitable Gaming Association represents the interests of charities and the services they provide. Become a member to add your organization's voice to our work.


Important Notices

The recent Court of Appeals majority opinion is disappointing and at this time MiCGA is processing the particulars of the opinion to determine the best course of action for its members.

Court of Appeals published decision can be read here 

Court of Appeals published dissenting opinion can be read here 


Senator Rick Jones has introduced SB 187 and Representatiuve Tom Barrett has introduced HB 4293.

 Contact your legislator today and let them know you support this legislation to save charity gaming in Michigan.

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Who We Are

MiCGA is comprised of a few hundred member charities and room operators from around the State of Michigan.

The Board of Directors consists solely of representatives from charities.

Members of the board have diverse legislative and business backgrounds. Some have served in state government and the legislature, ensuring effectiveness in developing strategy and in negotiations with legislators and regulators.

Our Mission

MiCGA's mission is to advocate for and educate our members, legislators, and the general public on matters related to charitable gaming, so as to preserve the positive impact charitable gaming has on our communities.

Become A Member

Charities and room operators licensed by the State of Michigan are eligible for membership in MiCGA.

Member benefits include:

A unified voice at the local, state and federal levels of government working to preserve the viability of gaming fundraising in the State of Michigan.

Information on changes to statutes and regulations that affect the charitable gaming industry.

Monthly e-newsletter of activities and developments.

Education and Information regarding compliance with charitable gaming laws and regulations.

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