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Why Become a Member?

If you are either a charitable organization or room operator benefiting from charitable gaming, it is in your interest to support our work keeping gaming viable and available in Michigan. Powerful, organized and well-funded organizations and groups are opposed to charitable gaming. Opposition comes from a variety of sources. Notable examples are commercial organizations competing for gaming income. Also, some groups are opposed to gambling for moral, philosophical or religious reasons. MiCGA represents the interests of charities and room operators. We are your voice advocating for your ability to continue benefiting from charitable gaming. Without an active, funded organization performing this advocacy, charitable gaming could be severely curtailed - and along with it, your charitable work or business.

MiCGA is comprised of member charities and room operators from around the State of Michigan.

The Board of Directors consists solely of representatives from charities. Members of the board have diverse legislative and business backgrounds, ensuring effectiveness in developing strategy and in negotiations with legislators and regulators.

Membership Eligibility and Benefits

Charities and room operators licensed by the State of Michigan are eligible for membership in MiCGA. Membership dues are $300 per year. Benefits of membership include:

  • A unified voice at the local, state and federal levels of government working to preserve the viability of gaming fundraising in the State of Michigan.

  • Information on changes to statutes and regulations that affect the charitable gaming industry.

  • Monthly e-newsletter of activities and developments.

  • Education and Training on compliance and regulatory issues regarding charitable gaming in Michigan.



Term of Membership

Memberships are valid for 12 months from the time of receiving your new membership registration and membership dues.

​However, for administrative purposes, the dates of your membership will be back-dated or forward-dated, based upon the date of receipt. For example, if your New Member dues are received December 22, then the membership term will be January 1 – December 31. Likewise, if your New Member dues are received January 5, the membership term will be January 1 – December 31. New and renewing members will receive a confirmation email stating the expiration date of your membership term.

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